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More Than Just Documents

E-Manual Documents is an Online Content Management solution built exclusively for aviation to store and assign Documents to Users. E-Manual Reporting allows you to create flight reports and improve security on your company.

Users can access their documents from everywhere through our mobile apps

E-Manual for Android

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E-Manual for iPhone and iPad

Offline document access with automatic synchronization.


Create flight reports and improve security on your company.

Reports are fully configurable and remain stored on the system to allow


Easily create and manage reports from preconfigured events


Detailed statistics to follow up the status of the reported events

Probably the best reporting system for aviation

- Daniele Travaglia, Comlux Aviation

Manage Reports

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A bunch of actions can be performed on every report by Postholders and Deputies. Flight Safety Officer or Q-Manager only has the authority to close a report.

  • Change Status: A Report can have the following statuses: Open, Pending, Done, Complete, Close, Delete.
  • Add/Request Information: Users can edit the Report, add Feedback, Root Causes and Corrective Measures.
  • Risk Assessment: Perform Risk Assessments on each report to mitigate the risks.

Reports Statistics

Screenshot Reporting Software AviSwiss

Reports performed by E-Manual users remain in the system and are traceable for statistical purpose.

  • Track Flight Reports: Browse all reports stored on E-Manual.
  • Filter Reports: Filter reports by date, status, airports, registration, aircraft type, category and reported event.
  • Yearly Reports: For each event a yearly summary is performed considering its safety performance indicator.


Screenshot Reporting Software AviSwiss

E-Manual makes it easy to add and manage users, roles and general settings through a centralised admin page.

  • Manage Users: Add users and assign them to roles.
  • Manage Roles: Create and administrate roles and permissions.
  • Airports and Airplanes: Manage Registrations and airplane types as well as airports.

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